Casa Editrice Indipendente Peacock: is a indipendent publishing house specialising in books and manga in Italian, Japanese and indonesian languages.


Casa Editrice Indipendente Peacock は、イタリア語、日本語、インドネシア語の書籍とマンガを専門とする独立した出版社です。





Studio Peacock is a design research studio, created and designed by Elena Lombardi and Stefano Giglio, founded in 2014. 

Elena Lombardi and Stefano Giglio think about new exhibition concepts, dialogue with international artists, create new works between their experimentation clay-lab in the Euganei Hills, and the Atelier in Osaka.


Their design in recent years has been strongly influenced by the artistic, philosophical and creative dialogue that has been established with a group of Japanese artists. A philosophical status that led them to look for common points between western and eastern culture in a continuous comparison, discovering that the two cultures are very close.


Studio Peacock2014年エレナ・ロンバルディとステファノ・ジリョによって創設されたデザイン研究スタジオである。エレナ・ロンバルディとステファノ・ジリョはエウガネイの丘にある彼らのラボと大阪の陶芸教室「五郎窯」を行ったり来たりしながら、国際的なアーティストたちと交流しつつ新しい展示コンセプトを考え、デザインという概念を超えた新しい陶芸品を作っている。