Italian design - ETR Arlecchino





The Arlecchino electric train returns to travel on Italian railways, bringing new opportunities to railway tourism: the ETR 250s were a family of luxury trains - comparable to today's Frecce - which lend themselves to travel back in time with high quality on board.


This train model was produced in 1960 by Ernesto Breda starting from the better known Settebello ETR 300, the rapid that connected Rome and Milan: the Arlecchino borrows the shape that recalled that of the airplanes, the structure and the livery, but it only has 4 carriages instead of 7, making it more versatile and easier to maintain.


The inauguration took place in Rome on 23 July 1960 for the Olympics, but the first trip was from Bologna to Venice.


The really nice design, the arrangement of the seats in the compartments and the bright colors of the fittings - hence the train's nickname - made the journey on this vehicle a real experience to live.


















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