3\STAND - Tripod, theory of solidity , balance, security. 

Trivet in hand-polished walnut wood.


3\STAND - Treppiede, teoria di solidità, equilibrio, sicurezza.

Sottopentola in legno di noce levigato a mano.   


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WOOD CUP Japanese Yoshino Cedar

Yoshino Sugi 吉野杉
(Japanese Yoshino Cedar)
Yoshino cedar grows in one 
of Japan's three largest artificial
The history of these woods
dates back to the Muromachi period
(almost 500 years ago).
Since this era the forest has been
cultivated with a unique method called
the Yoshino method.
The seeds are taken from large cedar
trees, when they germinate, about
10,000 seedlings per hectare are
planted, with a distance of only 1 meter
between each other, thus creating a
high density environment, forcing the
plant to become higher and higher.
The shape of each growth ring is a
perfect circle.
From this wood, so magical and rich 
in history, Studiopeacock has created
hand-turned glasses in Japan, to taste
sake or grappa.

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